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Mentor guide

What is a mentor?

Mentors are experienced people who want to share their knowledge with new hackers and help them get through different roadblocks. They help new hackers make their dreams a reality by helping them during the event. However, mentors do not participate at the hackathon like other hackers do and therefore, they can’t submit any project.

Which are my responsabilities as a mentor?

During the event, we expect mentors to:

You will receive all the details with respect to these tasks once you get to the hackathon.

Which benefits do I get?

We want you to live a great hackathon experience. As a mentor, you will be able to:

Is there an official schedule?

We are still working on our final schedule, and if you are selected as a mentor, we will let you know the details. In advance, you should consider the main timeline of the event, although Hacker registration is still not definitive:

What if I have any doubts?

All mentors will be previously instructed about their tasks and the event details once they’re accepted. We will let you know through e-mail when we have made this decision.

Once you are officially a mentor, you will receive more information about the event details, and our organizing team will teach you how to develop the mentorship task during the event.

Meanwhile if you have any question please contact us at mentors@hackupc.com.

Thank you very much! See you at HackUPC :)